5 Reasons to Advertise Your Business with a Vehicle Wrap

5 Reasons to Advertise Your Business with a Vehicle Wrap

What most small-medium business owners do not realize is that one of the best mediums of outdoor advertising sits right in their driveway. We’re talking about vehicle wrapping – a form of transit advertising that regularly competes with even digital media, online marketing, and other forms of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, often beating them in terms of upfront cost, impressions generated, and overall ROI.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the popular practice of vehicle wrapping and five reasons why you should consider advertising your business with a vehicle wrap as well.

Vehicle Wrap Advertising in Numbers

Contrary to popular belief, vehicle wrapping is a proper advertising channel that is well-studied and well-researched. Below is a list of some recent figures and statistics that help put its advertising performance and value into perspective:

1.   50,000 daily impressions

A study measuring the advertising value of vehicle wrapping found that just one wrapped vehicle is capable of generating anywhere between 30,000 to 70,000 vehicular impressions in a single day. This means your work vehicle could be bringing over 18 million impressions in one year, which is an astounding figure even after accounting for daily effective circulation.

(Source: ARD Ventures)

2.   Worth $30,000 in advertising per year

A wrapped work vehicle is likely to generate the same amount of impressions as popular digital advertising mediums such as television ads. Over a four-year period, which is the typical lifespan of a vehicle wrap, the advertising value of a wrap becomes $120,000.

(Source: 3M)

3.   Vehicle wraps have an average of 3,400% ROI

Considering the fact that the average cost of vehicle wraps is approximately $3,500, vehicle wraps have an unusually high ROI of 3,400% over a 2-3 year period. In other words, vehicle wraps have one of the lowest upfront costs and one of the highest advertising impact.

(Source: 3M)

4.   2.5 times more likely to capture attention

Vehicle wraps (and all other types of transit ads) come under the umbrella of mobile advertising. And compared to static billboards, mobile advertising is 2.5 times more likely to capture the attention of potential customers.

(Source: Perception Research)

5.   97% recall rate

One might argue that simply capturing attention isn’t enough and that retaining a business’s information (such as the name) is more important. And unsurprisingly, vehicle wraps (and mobile advertisements, in general) perform extremely well, with a 97% recall rate – meaning, 97% of the people that see your vehicle wrap will be able to remember it later on.

(Source: RYP & Becker Group)

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Vehicle Wrap

These were some really convincing numbers in the favor of vehicle wraps but we like to supplement our quantitative data with qualitative information before making decisions. So here are the top 5 reasons every small-medium-business (SMB) should wrap their work vehicle:

1.   Low One-time Cost

Vehicle wraps can be applied to virtually any car and even trucks. Many businesses prefer to get their work vehicle wrapped but getting personal vehicles wrapped isn’t uncommon. This means that the only cost involved to start advertising your business on the road is the cost of the wrap itself.

On top of this, vehicle wraps can last a very long time, typically anywhere between 2-4 years with professional installation and proper upkeep. In a way, this makes vehicle wraps a “one-time” purchase which isn’t the norm in the world of modern advertisement.

2.   Millions of Impressions

As we mentioned, it’s very easy to get tens of thousands of impressions through vehicle wraps which can just as easily translate to millions, over the lifespan of your wrap. Additionally, if you use your wrapped vehicle to constantly travel to different parts of town, you can significantly increase the number of unique daily impressions.

3.   Incredibly High ROI

The low cost combined with the very high number of impressions generated makes vehicle wraps one of the best forms of advertising, period. Vehicle wraps also have one of the lowest dollars per thousand impressions value, often as low as 11 cents per thousand impressions.


Advertising medium Cost per thousand impression
TV $23.70
Magazine $21.46
Newspaper $19.70
Radio $7.75
Billboards $3.56


More importantly, not only do vehicle wraps generate millions of impressions in a month, but they are also really effective at translating impressions into sales which results in an incredibly high ROI, especially when compared to other forms of advertising.

4.   Passive Advertising

The passive nature of vehicle wraps means that once applied, businesses have a source of constant advertising value. By simply going about their normal routines, business owners can still manage to reach thousands of potential customers and increase brand awareness every day.

At the same time, a vehicle wrap is a subtle form of advertising that isn’t as intrusive as many digital marketing channels.

5.   It Inspires Confidence

By wrapping a vehicle in company colors, you’re turning an entire vehicle into brand merchandise but unlike t-shirts and coasters, a vehicle is a serious investment that conveys your dedication to your business. Vehicle wraps also give new customers that extra bit of reassurance and peace of mind that they’re dealing with the right people, especially if your business involves going to off-store locations.

Getting Your Work Vehicle Professionally Wrapped

Finally, this all brings to how you to get your vehicle wrapped. Most people think of body shops and vehicle modification shops when they hear the word – wraps. But these shops, while great for solid color wraps, aren’t ideal for vehicle wrap advertising due to one major limitation – the wrap needs to be carefully designed.

If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area, Signs Broward Fort Lauderdale is the best place to get your vehicle professionally wrapped for passive advertising. We offer a wide variety of wraps, fully custom designs, and follow design and installation best practices to ensure you can get the most out of your vehicle wrap.

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