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What are Building Signs?

The concept of building signs is not a complex one. While technically any sign installed on the outside wall of a building is a “building sign”, we in the signage industry typically reserve the term “building signs” for signs that identify buildings. Sometimes multiple connected buildings have similar signs that identify them all, such as on a campus. In these cases, we call building signs “architectural signs”.

Uses for Building Signs

You can see building signs all over Broward County because they’re necessities when it comes to managing any building that serves the public. We need signs to identify all the buildings we see in Florida but building signs do more than just identify. They can also provide directional information and can brand outdoor spaces.

Types of Building Signs

Metals are common choices to make building signs out of. The most popular metals are aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. If you manage a commercial business, you might choose to illuminate your building sign to increase visibility. In some cases, a building sign won’t actually be on a building at all. Monument signs serve the same purpose as building signs but are their own freestanding structures.

Why Choose us for Building Signs?

What materials, font, colors, and design elements work best for your Broward County business or institution? At Signs Broward Fort Lauderdale, we can answer all your questions about building signs. We will design and manufacture a building sign that suits your purposes and your budget.

Benefits of Choosing us for Building Signs

At Signs Broward Fort Lauderdale, we can design, manufacture, and install building signs for clients in Broward County, FL. We can also maintain, repair, and reface existing building signs you have that could use a touch-up. Best of all, we specialize in remote signs; you’ll never have to come out to our Fort Lauderdale sign studio, we’ll come to you for a visit and estimate and then, if you choose to proceed, we’ll come back to install the finished building sign. To learn more about building signs or our other products and services, please contact us via our website or call us at 954-791-8685.