Driving Conversions with Indoor Signs and Graphics

Driving Conversions with Indoor Signs and Graphics

We all know how indoor signage has a big impact on the physical movement of customers. We can influence where they go and also where they don’t go. However, many businesses don’t realize the subconscious impact that indoor signs have on a customer’s perception. Using strategic design and placement of indoor signs and graphics, we can not only improve navigation inside the store but also the ambiance, time spent in-store, and accessibility – all of which help drive conversions through the roof.

In this guide, we’re taking a closer at what kind of indoor signs and graphics small-medium businesses can use to create an effective sales funnel, how to use directional and functional signage, as well as the importance of custom indoor signs.

Using Indoor Signs to Create an Effective Sales Funnel

The term “sales funnel” is now more popularly used in the context of online marketing but it has its roots in the social engineering of retail stores. The reason the sales funnel exploded in eCommerce stores in a way they never did for brick-and-mortar shops is simple – it’s much easier to control the movement of customers on a website.

That said, it still is possible to design a sales funnel that can drive conversions – through indoor signs. As soon as a potential customer enters the store, you can use a myriad of different types of signs to influence their decision-making. For instance, for restaurants (or any business where customers need to wait), the ambiance is extremely important. Using high-quality graphics and posters, businesses can create a more comfortable atmosphere. Changing posters often to keep the atmosphere fresh will also help in bringing back customers regularly.

Directional and wayfinding signs also do their part in driving the physical movement of customers through the store in a way that customers are most likely to make purchases. Not a lot of people know this but retail chain stores like Walmart and Target design their aisles in a way that maximizes average cart value. But they still need signs to bring customers onto this path that ends in more conversions.

Knowing what indoor signs we can use make designing sales funnels significantly easier. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular indoor signs SMBs are using today.

Types of Indoor Signs

There are numerous types of indoor signs, each designed for specific purposes and to achieve different objectives. Following are 6 of the most popular types of indoor signs.

1.    Lobby/Reception Signs

These are usually the first signs that greet your customers and more often than not, set the tone for the rest of the customer journey. Most businesses will have multiple lobby/reception signs to not only greet the customer but also let them know of any sales or promotions going on.

For restaurants and cafes, reception signs are also a great place for menus and daily specials.

2.    Banners

Banners are extremely versatile and come in all shapes, sizes, and even materials. Softer materials like fabric are often used for banners for a more friendly aesthetic. On the other hand, vinyl banners are tougher and can even be used as exterior signs.

Additionally, banners have celebratory undertones, which combined with bright colors and large text, helps uplift moods and make consumers feel better.

3.    Floor graphics

We often hear that an empty wall is an empty canvas but at the same time, most businesses completely forget that their floor can be a giant, empty wall too, and a powerful medium to convey messages. Apart from obvious wayfinding signs, floor graphics can be used to promote events/products, to alert customers of unsafe areas (such as areas under construction), and to supplement other signs.

Floor graphics are also great for providing cues (such as stickers at every 6ft) required to maintain proper social distancing.

4.    Stickers

Stickers are a great low-cost alternative to small posters, especially when the sign needs to be changed/updated regularly. That said, high-quality stickers like the ones we produce at Signs Broward Fort Lauderdale can last a very long time.

5.    Wall Decals

Decals are different from stickers in that they are usually more informative or promotional in nature. While stickers are great for branding, decals are generally the way to go for things such as decorating walls and windows.

Alternatively, many businesses cover entire walls in a different form of art known as murals. Although murals are one of the most expensive forms of wall graphics, they are the most likely to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Correct Way to Use Directional and Functional Signs

Directional signage (also known as wayfinding signs) and functional signage are two of the most important types of indoor signs but unfortunately, they’re often not used to their full potential. Everyone understands the purpose of directional signs is to help customers find their way around your business. For instance, most businesses have signs pointing towards emergency exits and restrooms and while that is critical, but directional signs can have more creative applications, such as:

  • Have a “Seating available” sign to point customers towards a different section of the restaurant with empty seats during rush hour – this is especially handy at larger restaurants.
  • Use the same color/font for similar items/locations (color coding) so customers only need to take a quick glance.
  • Use reflective materials or LED lights to mark exits and entrances. Glow-in-the-dark floor signs are also a great addition.
  • Marking the way to the entrance from the parking lot

Functional signs is an equally (if not more) important category of indoor signs. Functional signs cover a wide variety of tasks ranging, such as:

  • marking cash registers, elevators, and other customer-facing machines as “temporarily out of order”.
  • wet floor or maintenance/cleaning signs (usually placed outside restrooms)
  • window decals for store hours and other information
  • Signs for “happy hour” or similar time periods for your business.

The Importance of Custom Indoor Signs

This is perhaps the most important thing in driving conversions through indoor signs – brand visibility. A small chalkboard saying a machine is out of order will never look as confidence-inspiring as a well-built poster board. Similarly, having custom indoor signs everywhere increases consistency (which customers love) and also shows your attention to value and dedication. Many businesses go one step further and design indoor signs to mimic their brand’s archetype and voice (usually through brand colors, fonts, friendly vs corporate graphics, and copy).

If you’re ready to boost conversions with high-quality custom indoor signs, then get in touch with Signs Broward Fort Lauderdale for a free consultation with our signage experts. We’ll help you choose the right signs for your specific store layout to help increase sales.

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