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What are Neon Signs?

Neon signs are some of the most iconic illuminated signs you can imagine. Neon signs are synonymous with nightlife and bustling cities.Neon signs have a warm, inviting glow that can entice people to patronize your Broward County business.

Uses for Neon Signs

Neon signs are persuasive promotional tools. Perhaps no other form of illuminated sign offers the same level of artistry or craftsmanship as a neon sign does. There are also practical advantages to neon signs. They can be seen from fairly far distances and they are even more visible at night or in the rain or fog. A neon sign is almost certain to generate more impressions for your business than an analog sign of the same size.

Types of Neon Signs

Other types of illuminated signs exist. LEDs, for example, are an excellent light source for signs and they do have some advantages over neon signs. LEDs tend to last longer and they use less energy than neon fixtures. However,neon signs have a warm, pleasing look that LEDs can imitate, but can never quite replicate fully.

Why Choose Us for Neon Signs?

There’s a very good reason to choose us to make your neon sign: no other company in Broward County can make you one. We have the design geniuses and manufacturing experts on staff to make high-quality neon signs for our clients in and near Fort Lauderdale. Neon signs are all about personality and we can make one that captures the essence for your Florida business, and which conveys your brand’s qualities.

Benefits of Choosing us for Neon Signs

At Signs Broward Fort Lauderdale, we can design, manufacture, and install neon signs for clients in Broward County, FL. Moreover, we specialize in remote signs; you never have to come to our Fort Lauderdale sign studio, we come to you. After we give you an estimate, if you choose to proceed, we’ll come back to install the finished neon sign. To learn more about neon signs or our other products and services, please contact us via our website or call us at 954-791-8685.